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Glenn Pang - Town & Country Surfboards



Stu Sharpe- Our in house shaper Stu Sharpe, has shaped close to 30,000 boards over the last 25 years. Shaping in Japan and Hawaii to name a few, has added knowledge and skill to his repertoire. He is constantly changing his designs staying progressive and cutting edge. Whether it is a high performance short board or a traditional longboard, his finished product is second to none. Stu  is also well versed in EPS (Styrofoam) foam, shaping and working with it for many years now.







Glenn Pang- Glenn Pang is T&C Hawaii’s premier shaper, and has been shaping for 32 years now. Some of his past riders include Matrin “Pottz” Potter, Marvin and Kalani Foster, Simon Law,  Matt Hoy to name a few.  Some of his shaping influences were Dick Brewer and Ben Aipa. Pro-Design Glassing is proud to offer most Glenn Pang Models in Florida, available for the east coast.